I Never Stop Loving You:’-(

Happy Days Together:)

How would I start this…


4months ago when me and my beloved met.We spent time together.Actually, that is our first meeting. We’ve been chatting for 6months before we met. That time when I saw him I can’t figure out what to do because I was shy and he’s been asking why I’m not talking. At that point of my life until the day I go home, those days are my happiest days of my life. We spent time together. He was my first boyfriend. He is so special in my life until now. After 2 weeks from the day I went home. Suddenly, he didn’t communicate with me:’-(I was sending him a lot of text messages and messages on ym everyday and keeping him up to date with whats happening to me. Until, just this September 26, 2009, He sent me a offline message saying that he is breaking up with me without giving me a valid reason why. Anyway, he is a Australian and I’m a Filipina.  I just came into a realization why can’t I move on. I don’t know where and how to start. He used to be my life. Now, I miss being happy. Can anyone help me what to do? I’ve been surfing on net how to cope up with breakup…I’m hoping for your positive response. Thank you for taking time to read my story. I hope someday, I will move on and start my new life ALONE! My Life would Suck without Him:’-(


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